A Perfect Day in Waikiki

The perfect day in waikiki

The Perfect Day In Waikiki How to get the most out of 24 hours in this beautiful beach area.  Almost all visitors to the Hawaiian Islands will arrive via Honolulu. This short itinerary is designed for you to get the most out of a single day in Waikiki for the perfect layover, or as part […]

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Waterfall Day Trip From Portland

A Brewery-and-Waterfall Day Trip From Portland I recently enjoyed a 35-hour layover in Portland. On this day trip, I chose to write about a fun little itinerary to enjoy some great food and waterfalls. The map below shows the basic route of the day. It provides for a lot of extra time to do some hiking, […]

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24 Hours in Shannon, Ireland

Shannon Airport, located at the heart of Ireland’s ‘Wild Atlantic Way’, a 2500km route that clings to the country’s rugged western coast, is the best location to land if you only have 24 hours in Ireland. From this small airport on the edge of the Atlantic, you can step back in time to the days […]

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Day Trip Southern Illinois (Video)

day trip southern illinois

Day Trip Southern Illinois Lying between the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers is an area littered with parks, vineyards, and wildlife sanctuaries. I recently visited this beautiful area and had slightly more than a day to explore. This article describes the perfect day trip out of the Carbondale and Marion, Illinois area. Regardless of whether you […]

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Use an iPad to Keep in Touch with Kids

As an airline pilot, I’m one of the thousands of Dads who travel for work and I have used an iPad to stay in touch with my kids very successfully. There are many benefits of my travel for my family including stability, travel benefits, and much more. But there are also some challenges for being […]

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AM Radio Stations For Your ADF

AM Radio Stations Have you ever road tripped across the country and wondered how to find the strong AM signals? I put a list of the strongest stations in the eastern two-thirds of the nation down below. But there is another way to use these towers too. ADF Hunting For Your Cessna I want to […]

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How To Get a Passport Renewal The Same Day

passport renewal in 24 hours

Renewing a passport is pretty simple. But if you don’t understand the process it can be intimidating and frustrating, especially if you are required to have it for work or need it very quickly. Here’s how I got my passport the same day at the Chicago Passport Agency without paying any extra fees to get it […]

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