Travel Tip for Chicago O’Hare Airport

travel tips for chicago ohare. Use the public gym at O'hare

Travel Tip for Chicago O’hare

Between the Christmas music, cookies, and holiday cheer, the winter season can be really stressful. Each year we cram extended family and traveling into our already busy schedules. On top of that, many of us worry about getting into our beach bodies by spring break just a couple of months later. This time of year can be really stressful and it’s important to find some time to yourself. Exercise is a wonderful way to clear your mind and keep fit. Did you know you can squeeze in a good exercise right at Chicago’s O’Hare airport?

Exercise at Hilton’s Gym at O’Hare

The Hilton hotel, adjacent to the domestic terminals (Numbers 1, 2, and 3) has a public gym and it is first class. Many flight crews have monthly or annual passes and sneak into the Hilton Athletic Club to get a workout in between flights. But this isn’t just for flight crews! It is open to the public and is reasonably priced too. 

How to Get To The O’Hare Hilton Athletic Club

Chicago’s domestic terminals form a semi-circle. Inside that circle, is the Hilton hotel. It’s right next to the shuttle station. From Chicago’s Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, walk to the exits and cross the street toward the center and then into the Hilton Lobby. Behind the check-in desks, is an escalator. Take the escalator downstairs and it will bring you right to a desk for the gym. If you don’t want to walk outside, you can also get to the gym through the tunnels underneath O’hare. From the terminal, follow the signs for the CTA trains. It will lead you to elevators that go down to the shuttle transfer. These tunnels run underneath the road and halfway down, you will see signs for the Hilton. Follow the Hilton signs and they will bring you right to their gym. 

Amenities and Price

The Hilton Gym in O’hare has a large room full of free weights, another with machines, and dozens of torture devices for cardio including treadmills, stationary bikes, ellipticals and more.

After your workout, you can swim in their pool or enjoy a steam room or sauna. The locker rooms are large and clean and have spacious wooden lockers that are more than big enough for my uniform and briefcase.

Hilton sells daily, 30-day, and annual passes for the gym. A day pass is about $12. If you will use it more than just the day, get a 30-day pass or an annual membership. They are much cheaper. 

Once you pay, you will be given a key to a locker the gym is all yours. When done, they also have an iron available if you need it.

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