Corn Palace, Mitchell, South Dakota

corn palace in mitchell south dakota

Corn Palace, Mitchell, South Dakota

The Mitchell Corn Palace is one of South Dakotas major attractions located in South Central South Dakota. I live in Minnesota, just one state away and I can remember my friends telling me about how they stopped at the corn palace during their South Dakota vacations or road trips. I had no idea what it was, I only knew it was something that made them better than me. Now, some thirty years later, I guess I finally got to grow up and had the opportunity to behold the beauty that is the Corn Palace. I just wished somebody would have told me to come in August when the palace and all of its majestic corn walls are completed.

corn palace in mitchell south dakota

What is the Corn Palace?

So what is the Corn Palace? Well, it is a big construction zone in June. Actually, there was plenty to see. We just kind of laughed at our timing. The Corn Palace is a multi-use site that hosts concerts, sporting events, and apparently when nothing else is going on, transforms into a giant tourist trap that will sell you anything and everything corn, Indian, or touristy.

I suspect it is mainly road trippers heading from the populated East and Midwest going on trips out West that bring the Mitchell Corn Palace its half a million or so visitors each year.

The building really is a giant piece of art. Obviously, countless hours of design and work goes into each mural’s construction. It is understandable how this building has become such a huge icon in South Dakota. 

Where is the Corn Palace in South Dakota? 

Coming into Mitchell, SD, there is no doubt what the big attraction in town really is. Even looking at Google Maps, “Mitchel Corn Palace” shows up before the city of Mitchell. That is, unless, you were confused by all the Wall Drug signs that are already everywhere and seeming to spread like rabbits.

Is it worth a stop to visit the corn palace on your way through South Dakota? Absolutely. Mitchell is a wonderful little town with a great downtown area full of restaurants and shopping. Make sure you add this to your I-90 road trip through South Dakota.

Pro Tips:

Visit the Corn Palace late in the summer when the construction of the corn is complete. Late summer is usually a little dryer as well. Plan on spending an hour or two downtown Mitchel including the Corn Palace.

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