Wurst Shop, Restaurant in Dickinson ND

wurst shop, restaurant in Dickinson ND

The Wurst Shop in Dickinson

The Wurst Shop is a crew favorite restaurant in Dickinson ND. But you have to be a little mindful of the time you get to Dickinson because this German kitchen closes at 3 PM.

 They don’t have a website, but they do have a facebook page where you can get updated open times and specials. When I looked it up on Google upon landing in KDIK, Google said the store was open to 6 PM. Luckily, the crew and I were super hungry and left for the Wurst Shop right away and close enough to 3 that they served us food.

The German Kitchen

We Arrived at 3:05 and the manager working on the food side kindly offered to make us a meal even though they were closing up. I ordered the Cajun Bratwurst with the Sour Kraut. It was amazing. Please order your brats with everything on them.

This is hands down the best restaurant in Dickinson. We really loved the whole meal. The Brat was topped with condiments and a good dousing of a homemade mango jalapeno sauce that was to die for.

The sour kraut side dish I ordered was cooked with sausage. This could have been a meal by itself. Needless to say, it was the perfect condiment for a good bratwurst. If you wanted something a little different, the Wurst Shop also had a baked corn and a macaroni and cheese.

In full honesty, this was one of the best bratwursts I have ever had in my life. I remember sitting in my chair after the meal and just saying “I am so happy right now” and the flight attendant responding “so am I….” The food hit the proverbial spot after a hard day work and a cold walk from the hotel.

Specialty Meats Grocer

If you visit the restaurant you will also want to bring your eBags cooler so you can bring home some of the “Best darn sausage in town” home with you. Opposite the German Kitchen, is a butcher counter where you can take home a package of the brats you just enjoyed.

A quick funny connection to the Wurst Shop.

I often will take a bunch of pictures in a restaurant. Most of the time people just ignore me. But today, while I was taking pictures at the Worst Shop, the owner came over to me and asked how I liked it. We got to talking a bit and I took his card. As it turns out, this guy is the cousin of the famous Minnesota Twins baseball player Paul Molitor.

Anyway, if you are looking for a restaurant in Dickinson, this is without question the best and I would put the quality of the meat up against anything I have in my hometown of Minneapolis. This Wurst Shop is very much worth the short detour off the freeway for a good lunch.

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