Black Sheep Burgers and Shakes, Springfield, MO

black sheep burgers and shakes

Review of Black Sheep Burgers, Springfield

A recent layover brought me back to Springfield, Missouri. For some reason, our travel department has been playing musical hotels for the last several months. This time, we ended up getting a hotel right near the city center by the original Route 66 and downtown Springfield. This area is the epicenter of culinary arts and culture of the city. In this relatively small downtown, there must have been 50 or so restaurants, multiple theaters, and plenty of exploring to do on foot. Based on a recommendation from our van driver, we walked down to Black Sheep Burger and Shakes for an early dinner before heading out to see more of the town. I share my review of the restaurant below.

Black Sheep Burgers and Shakes

Black Sheep Burgers and Shakes offers gourmet burgers and … you guessed it… shakes. Our van driver said this restaurant was very popular with other crews and it is very easy to understand why after seeing the burgers they serve. It’s a trendy restaurant with great food and atmosphere. You can reach them at (417) 319-5905, or visit their website at

The Location

The restaurant can be found on historic Walnut Street between South Avenue and S. Roberson Avenue near the original Route 66.

The Food

I ordered the Cowboy Carl which was made from slow-cooked smoked brisket, sharp cheddar cheese, candied bacon, spicy fried onion rings, a pickle, and BBQ Sauce on 4oz patty served between a buttered bun. I’ll just let you look drool over this picture for a second…

The burger was amazing. The brisket was perfect and the combination of the bacon, onion rings and bbq sauce went surprising well with a beef patty. We also split an order of fried pickles that came with either a chipotle ketchup or a sriracha mayonnaise.

The Cowboy Carl is 10 inches of Burger, Brisket, Pulled Pork and BBQ all piled into a single burger. Click To Tweet

 Overall, the food was great and the prices were fair. I wouldn’t go if I was on a strict diet, especially with the temptation of the shakes (including adult shakes), but for a treat, this was a great restaurant in Springfield.

The Atmosphere

The atmosphere was really fun. The interior was set up like an old shake shop with a wrap-around bar and hightops and booths for groups. The restaurant had fun lighting and a great use of textures to make a fun and relaxing atmosphere.

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