AM Radio Stations For Your ADF

AM Radio Stations

Have you ever road tripped across the country and wondered how to find the strong AM signals? I put a list of the strongest stations in the eastern two-thirds of the nation down below. But there is another way to use these towers too.

ADF Hunting For Your Cessna

I want to introduce you to a little thing we called ADF hunting. One type of navigational aid used in aviation is a non-directional beacon (NDB.) Pilots can tune an NDB station with an automatic direction finder (ADF). When an ADF is tuned to a station, a needle will point toward the NDB antenna. It’s a crude, and not-often-used system but it still functions today.

One interesting thing about NDB’s is they are within the same frequency range as AM radio. AM stations use every tenth channel while the 9 in the middle are set aside for NDB use. An ADF is capable of tuning AM radio and usually can be selected to a voice mode to listen to the station. This is, of course, one additional way of increasing situational awareness by knowing where large nearby towns are because as you tune an AM station, the ADF needle will also point to the tower it is broadcast from.

Radio transmissions are measured in Watts. The highest AM frequency wattage licensed to stations is 50,000 watts. The following list contains these stations by location and frequency.

List of AM Radio Stations

The following is a list of major AM stations by state. It is great both for pilots and roadtrippers alike.


WAPI 1070 Birmingham, Alabama

WJOX 690 Birmingham, Alabama

WXJC 850 Birmingham, Alabama

WLOR 1550 Huntsville, Alabama


KAAY 1090 Little Rock, Arkansas

KLRG 880 Sheridan, Arkansas


KMXA 1090 Aurora, Colorado

KLTT 670 Commerce City, Colorado

KOA 850 Denver, Colorado

KNZZ 1100 Grand Junction, Colorado

KRCN 1060 Longmont, Colorado

KDSP 760 Thornton, Colorado


WTIC 1080 Hartford, Connecticut


WWBC1510 Cocoa, Florida

WHIM 1080 Coral Gables, Florida

WJNJ 1320 Jacksonville, Florida

WOKV 690 Jacksonville, Florida

WJXL 1010 Jacksonville Beach, Florida

WINZ 940 Miami, Florida

WWFE 670 Miami, Florida

WDYZ 990 Orlando, Florida

WFLF 540 Orlando, Florida

WWNN1470 Pompano Beach, Florida

WJUA 1200 Pine Island Center, Florida

WHFS 1010 Seffner, Florida

WIXC 1060 Titusville, Florida


WGST 640 Atlanta, Georgia

WSB 750 Atlanta, Georgia

WPBS 1040 Atlanta, Georgia

WMAC 940 Macon, Georgia

WCNN 680 North Atlanta, Georgia

WAZX 1550 Smyrna, Georgia

WKNG 1060 Talapoosa, Georgia


WBBM 780 Chicago, Illinois

WYLL 1160 Chicago, Illinois

WGN 720 Chicago, Illinois

WSCR 670 Chicago, Illinois

WLS 890 Chicago, Illinois

WMVP 1000 Chicago, Illinois


WOWO1190 Fort Wayne, Indiana

WFNI 1070 Indianapolis, Indiana


WHO 1040 Des Moines, Iowa

KXEL 1540 Waterloo, Iowa


WHAS 840 Louisville, Kentucky


KEEL 710 Shreveport, Louisiana

KWKH 1130 Shreveport, Louisiana


WBZ 1030 Boston, Massachusetts

WMEX 1510 Boston, Massachusetts

WEEI 850 Boston, Massachusetts

WRKO 680 Boston, Massachusetts

WQOM1060 Natick, Massachusetts

WXKS 1200 Newton, Massachusetts

WNNZ 640 Westfield, Massachusetts

WCRN 830 Worcester, Massachusetts


WBAL 1090 Baltimore, Maryland

WCBM 680 Baltimore, Maryland

WWGB1030 Indian Head, Maryland

WJFK 1580 Morningside, Maryland

WQLL 1370 Pikesville, Maryland


WDFN 1130 Detroit, Michigan

WJR 760 Detroit, Michigan

WXYT 1270 Detroit, Michigan

WWJ 950 Detroit, Michigan

WLQV 1500 Detroit, Michigan

WFDF 910 Farmington Hills, Michigan

WJNL 1210 Kingsley, Michigan

WMUZ 1200 Taylor, Michigan

WTCM 580 Traverse City, Michigan


WCTS 1030 Maplewood, Minnesota

KTIS 900 Minneapolis, Minnesota

KTLK 1130 Minneapolis, Minnesota

WCCO 830 Minneapolis, Minnesota

KYES 1180 Rockville, Minnesota

KSTP 1500 Saint Paul, Minnesota


WSJC 810 Magee, Mississippi

WJNT 1180 Pearl, Mississippi


WHB 810 Kansas City, Missouri

KMOX 1120 St. Louis, Missouri

KXEN 1010 St. Louis, Missouri

KZQZ 1430 St. Louis, Missouri


KOFI 1180 Kalispell, Montana

KERR 750 Polson, Montana


KRVN 880 Lexington, Nebraska

KFAB 1110 Omaha, Nebraska

KMMQ 1020 Plattsmouth, Nebraska

New Jersey

WWJZ 640 Mount Holly, New Jersey

New Mexico

KKOB 770 Albuquerque, New Mexico

KCKN 1020 Roswell, New Mexico

New York

WDCD 1540 Albany, New York

WABC 770 New York, New York

WOR 710 New York, New York

WADO 1280 New York, New York

WCBS 880 New York, New York

WBBR 1130 New York, New York

WEPN 1050 New York, New York

WFAN 660 New York, New York

WFME 1560 New York, New York

WINS 1010 New York, New York

WHAM 1180 Rochester, New York

WGY 810 Schenectady, New York

North Carolina

KWBT 1110 Charlotte, North Carolina

WNCT 1070 Greenville, North Carolina

WTRU 830 Kernersville, North Carolina

WGCR 720 Pisgah Forest, North Carolina

WPTF 680 Raleigh, North Carolina

WDRU 1030 Wake Forest, North Carolina

North Dakota

KXMR 710 Bismark, North Dakota

KNFL 740 Fargo, North Dakota

KFNW 1200 West Fargo, North Dakota


WCKY 1530 Cincinnati, Ohio

WHKW1220 Cleveland, Ohio

WKNR 850 Cleveland, Ohio

WTAM 1100 Cleveland, Ohio

WLW 700 Cincinnati, Ohio


KOKC 1520 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

KFAQ 1170 Tulsa, Oklahoma

KRMG 740 Tulsa, Oklahoma


KYW 1060 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

WNTP 990 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

WNWR1540 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

WPHT 1210 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

KDKA 1020 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

WWNL 1080 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

South Carolina

WBAJ 890 Blythewood, South Carolina

WCEO 840 Columbia, South Carolina

WLFJ 660 Greenville, South Carolina

WCSZ 1070 Sans Souci, South Carolina


WCRT 1160 Donelson, Tennessee

WMQM1600 Lakeland, Tennessee

WFLI 1070 Lookout Mountain, Tennessee

WDIA 1070 Memphis, Tennessee

WGSF 1030 Memphis, Tennessee

WLAC 1510 Nashville, Tennessee

WNQM1300 Nashville, Tennessee

WSM 650 Nashville, Tennessee


KCTA 1030 Corpus Christi, Texas

KRLD 1080 Dallas, Texas

KFLC 1270 Fort Worth, Texas

WBAP 820 Fort Worth, Texas

KFXR 1190 Dallas, Texas

KGBT 1530 Harlingen, Texas

KTRH 740 Houston, Texas

KGOL 1180 Humble, Texas

KMNY 1360 Hurst, Texas

KVTT 1110 Mineral Wells, Texas

KKYX 680 San Antonio, Texas

KTKR 760 San Antonio, Texas

WOAI 1200 San Antonio, Texas

KTNO 1440 University Park, Texas


WCRW1190 Leesburg, Virginia

WTAR 850 Norfolk, Virginia

WRVA 1140 Richmond, Virginia

West Virginia

WWVA 1170 Wheeling, West Virginia

Washington DC

WFED 1500 Washington, D.C.

WTEM 980 Washington, D.C.


WISN 1130 Milwaukee, Wisconsin

WTMJ 620 Milwaukee, Wisconsin


KTWO 1030 Casper, Wyoming



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