Use an iPad to Keep in Touch with Kids

As an airline pilot, I’m one of the thousands of Dads who travel for work and I have used an iPad to stay in touch with my kids very successfully. There are many benefits of my travel for my family including stability, travel benefits, and much more. But there are also some challenges for being […]

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AM Radio Stations For Your ADF

AM Radio Stations Have you ever road tripped across the country and wondered how to find the strong AM signals? I put a list of the strongest stations in the eastern two-thirds of the nation down below. But there is another way to use these towers too. ADF Hunting For Your Cessna I want to […]

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How To Get a Passport Renewal The Same Day

passport renewal in 24 hours

Renewing a passport is pretty simple. But if you don’t understand the process it can be intimidating and frustrating, especially if you are required to have it for work or need it very quickly. Here’s how I got my passport the same day at the Chicago Passport Agency without paying any extra fees to get it […]

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Travel Tip for Chicago O’Hare Airport

travel tips for chicago ohare. Use the public gym at O'hare

Travel Tip for Chicago O’hare Between the Christmas music, cookies, and holiday cheer, the winter season can be really stressful. Each year we cram extended family and traveling into our already busy schedules. On top of that, many of us worry about getting into our beach bodies by spring break just a couple of months […]

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